What I treat

Although I specialise in helping people deal with anxiety, stress and depression, over the years I have developed expertise in a wide variety of areas. The common reasons that people consult me are:

Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Depression, Phobias, Relationship Issues, IBS, Anger, Insomnia, Low Self Esteem and Lack of Self Confidence, Weight Management, Habits like Smoking and Binge Drinking, Addictions, Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety, Major Life Challenges and Changes, Self Development.






Anxiety is all about a sense of threat and danger, where the fear that you feel is out of proportion to the actual situation.

Anxiety can take all sorts of forms, but it often involves either uncomfortable physical sensations, and/or disturbing and repetitive thoughts. People can become anxious about anything: dealing with work, or their home life; walking into a room full of people, health issues, flying, worry about the opinions of others, and so on.

People with anxiety will typically imagine situations becoming catastrophic, and see themselves not being able to cope. This triggers the stress response, causing the uncomfortable physical feelings to escalate. They will often avoid what they fear, or may have developed unhelpful behaviours such as drinking alcohol or over-eating to try to escape the uncomfortable feelings. CBH helps clients to develop more calm and perspective, to feel more confident, and to respond in a more resourceful and appropriate way.

Some of the different anxiety issues I deal with:

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Attacks
  • Social Anxiety
  • Health Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • OCD
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Work Stress
  • Relationship Stress






This is one of the most common illnesses in the UK - it is reported that 1 in 4 people will suffer from this in their lifetime. Depression tends to be characterised by low mood, apathy, hopelessness, a lack of interest in what you previously enjoyed, and feeling tearful and empty. There may also be feelings of loss and failure.

CBH is very helpful at identifying the underlying mental patterns that are causing the problem, and then provides very effective practical techniques for dealing with and overcoming the depression. It becomes easier for you to reduce and stop repetitive negative thoughts, and to find more mental calm and clarity. You feel more relaxed, and more positive.






This can be a problem in everyday life, at work, or in relationships. Anger can often be caused by inflexible expectations about other people. We may try to suppress the angry feelings by the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or other habitual behaviours - this usually makes things worse. Using CBT and hypnosis we can learn to change these unhelpful patterns, and to develop much more positive thoughts and behaviours.



Lack of Self-Confidence



Low self-worth and a lack of confidence can blight many people's lives. It is typically linked with Anxiety or Depression, and is often reinforced by constant negative self-talk. There are generally feelings of "not being enough" - not good enough, pretty enough, funny enough, etc, etc.

We work together to change this undermining self-belief, and to reinforce self-acceptance and self-worth. CBH is particularly effective at doing this, as it helps to change those unconscious habitual patterns that normally we don't seem to be able to influence.



Weight Management



CBH is a potent method for losing weight. Making permanent changes is much more than dieting or going to the gym. CBH helps you to let go the sabotaging thoughts and behaviours that keep you on the lose-gain roundabout. It becomes much easier to lose weight, and to naturally develop a healthier lifestyle.



Self Development



As well as dealing with problems, CBH is a powerful method for letting go of limiting beliefs, and for achieving your goals. It gives you more mental clarity, and helps you to focus on what gives you more purpose and fulfilment. It boosts your confidence, self-belief and motivation. It's easier to improve your performance in particular areas, and you can deal better with the challenges of life. You feel more at home in yourself, and things flow more easily. You're happier and more in control.

About ME

Guy Thorold

I'm an experienced psychotherapist, based in Holt in North Norfolk, and also working very successfully online. I mainly use Clinical Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to help my clients deal with their problems and achieve their goals.

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