Weight Loss - long-term success

This is the time of year when many people are trying to lose weight – to be “beach ready” for summer, for the wedding season, and for other important events. This mainly entails going on a diet, and working out at the gym.

These motivations are often short-term, and there is then a return to the old behaviours, and the pounds pile back on again – the classic Yo-Yo diet model.

However, eating better and living more healthily have much more important and enjoyable benefits than just losing a few pounds. Here are some good reasons to give you a longer-term motivation:

  • You feel happier – a good diet boosts mood, lowers stress and combats depression.
  • It makes you smarter – good quality food improves brain function.
  • You’re healthier – improved immunity, lower risk of heart disease and cancer, better skin health, prevents eye problems.
  • Enhances reproductive health – improved fertility, healthier baby.
  • You’re stronger – prevents osteoporosis, strengthens muscles.
  • Better sleep – you’re more rested, and have more energy.
  • You live longer – and enjoy life more!

However, despite our best intentions, many of us find it very difficult to maintain positive changes. There are many reasons why we eat unhealthily – childhood habits, boredom, unhappiness, comfort eating, low self-esteem, etc. For long-term success, we need to deal with these underlying causes, to develop a healthier attitude to food, and to strengthen our motivation.

The combination of CBT and Hypnotherapy is a particularly effective way to do this, because it helps you to clarify the internal reasons, and gives you very practical techniques to deal with them.  This is perhaps the quickest and the most successful way to change the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that otherwise seem to be stuck. Hypnotherapy helps you to take more control of your mind, so that you start to think and behave like someone who is naturally slim. You develop more calm and confidence, and feel happier.


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